• About Us

  • Business Overview

    HARC Logistics is Australia’s most innovative and efficient bulk, intermodal and general freight transport service provider, with an operational footprint across the mainland. HARC Logistics is part of a group of businesses established and operated by the Hore family that collectively offer transport and integrated logistics services, and multi-modal freight forwarding in support of end-to-end supply chain solutions.


    HARC Logistics is supported by significant investments made in Research and Development (R&D), particularly in the form of innovative transport equipment designs. These include ultra-high capacity A-double vehicles with broad network access, boasting industry-leading volumetric capacity and payloads. These multi-purpose vehicles ‘intermodalise’ all transport tasks enabling a highly homogeneous fleet with interchangeable bins for bulk tasks, and containers and flat-racks for general freight. This is the pinnacle of innovation in road transport, unparalleled in efficiency, flexibility and reliability. HARC Logistics is thus committed to having the highest-performing fleet in the road haulage industry, taking a ‘best of both worlds’ approach which balances the capital savings associated with well-maintained quality legacy equipment and the technological, environmental and efficiency benefits of modern bespoke equipment. Whilst the latter is favoured wherever possible, this pragmatism is key to achieving service delivery excellence for customers in a way which is sustainable over the long-term, critical in the ultra-competitive transport industry.


    The productivity of our equipment is matched only by that of our people. HARC Logistics inspires a high-performance culture with a collaborative work environment and a dynamic, driven workforce. Our people are the most important part of the HARC Logistics business and we treat them as such. We have great expectations for our employees, encouraging them to achieve the best and equipping them to do so with quality training, resources and equipment. HARC Logistics also has a performance-based remuneration scheme which provides incentives to employees for exceeding KPIs, thereby aligning individual and organisational goals and outcomes.


    At HARC Logistics we believe that conducting business ethically and striving to do the right thing are vital to the success of the company. We do this by advising and enabling employees to drive ethical business practices and having clear expectations of personal ethics and accountability. As part of this, we have made Australian Ethical our default superannuation fund for employees. This is in conjunction with our “15% super” policy (whereby we contribute well above the statutory rate together with salary-sacrificed contributions) and employee benefits programme (which includes financial planning assistance) to aid our employees in gaining financial wellness and long-term financial security well into retirement.


    HARC Logistics values all the people directly and indirectly involved in the business, including the communities in which we operate. We are pleased to be able ‘give back’ to those communities and support people in need. HARC Logistics has a commitment to give back at least 5 percent of annual net income. We do that through donations, charitable grants and sponsorships to worthy organisations and individuals who could very much use our help.


    HARC Logistics is at the forefront of a transport revolution – join us and see what you’ve been missing!

  • Our Vision & Mission


    A safe, reliable and efficient transport and logistics industry that fully realises the benefits of all modes of transport to the social and economic benefit of Australia.


    To be the brand associated with the prospering of integrated logistics in Australia.

  • Our Values

    The core values which shape HARC Logistics are fourfold:


    This encompasses an active commitment to safety; a real interest and concern for clients and staff that is expressed in practical ways; and, an involvement in the communities in which the business operates.


    Honesty, truthfulness, an obligation to act uprightly and with authenticity: we recognise that we are human beings relating to other human beings and we expect the best of ourselves so that we may promote the best in others.


    This is both a personal and an operational value promoting trustworthiness, dependability and consistency. Reliability implies a commitment to excellence.


    We understand that a culture of continual improvement is required to impact the industry, generate a competitive edge and add value to clients. A culture of innovation also serves to energise the business.