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    HARC Intermodal is the leading multi-modal freight operator combining transport modes across our network to carry goods by road, rail, sea and air to deliver efficient, flexible, cost-effective freight transport solutions for our customers.

    We take an ‘intermodal first, rail first’ approach to freight, first to minimise double-handling of goods by ‘intermodalising’ transport operations – whether that’s a curtainer (curtainside container), flat-rack or ISO shipping container – and, secondly, seeking to leverage the ‘triple bottom line’ benefits of rail haulage. Where other transport companies invest in bespoke and specialised equipment at every turn, borne of unparalleled knowledge of containerization principles, HARC Logistics has implemented a policy of modularising our fleet – using standardised trailers in conjunction with removable intermodal freight receptacles (see below) – so as to maximise capital efficiency, simplify maintenance activities, reduce downtime and improve asset utilisation. This has the added benefit of best enabling multi-modal transport solutions, even if only a single-mode (road freight) is used initially.

    Our unique approach looks beyond the standard general purpose shipping container to utilise a variety of unit load receptacles such as flat-racks (platform-based containers) for ‘ugly freight’, curtainers which provide side-access for easier and quicker loading and unloading of pallets and other freight, bulktainers (bulk containers) for dry bulk freight, and tanktainers (tank containers) for bulk liquids and gases. This means that regular ISO container-compatible haulage equipment can be utilised leading to a homogenous company-owned fleet, simplified access to contractor equipment and an extensive partner network for both domestic (land) and international (sea/air) transport.

    Equally, if your freight needs are more run-of-the-mill, HARC Intermodal is more than capable of providing wharf cartage services for import/export (IMEX) containers and other intermodal haulage services whether to meet full container load (FCL) or less-than-container load (LCL) requirements. We also offer an array of container services including side-loader deliveries, drop trailer services, container packing/unpacking, freight distribution (after unpacks), and container storage and handling, as well as providing services to meet Australian quarantine (DAFF) requirements such as approved arrangement sites, container upgrades, steam cleaning of containers and fumigation services.

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